enhancing the emotional connection in remote events

Spectate is a product that enhances the experience of remote viewing of live events through providing emotionally affective tactile interactions


remote interactions, emotional connection, product design

methods: user research, literature review, concept design, 3D design, rough prototyping, electronics prototyping
technologies: Arduino, Processing, CAD (Solidworks), 3D printing, molding & casting, Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop/PremierPro


how can remote viewers of a live entertainment event experience the same emotionally-charged atmosphere as those nearby?

The emotional atmosphere of a live sports or performance event is said to be tangible. But what if some viewers are disconnected from the emotional atmosphere, either by location or due to an impairment?

Combining user-research into sensorially impaired experiences of theatre and the science of biofeedback (the communication of an affecting emotion directly through our physiological responses), Spectate is a James Dyson Foundation award-winning product that augments the sensory communication of a live sport or performance event to enhance the emotional experience for spectators in remote viewing environments.

The broadcasted live event is connected to a hand held device—the eMote—which uses tactile sensations and the wearer's own physiological reactions to reconnect the viewer more directly to the physicality of the action in an event, a football match in this application.

Iterations through various form models and electro-mechanical prototypes, the final design creates a tactile heartbeat sensation to represent the intensity and pace of the movements in the match, and hence affect the wearer’s emotions. Sensors in the device also read the wearer’s emotional state and broadcast an interactive graphic back to the crowd, reconnecting remote viewers to the live event.

Connecting the physical emotions of the action on the pitch to the remote viewers directly
The hand held eMote to provide a tactile communication of the emotions of the event
The eMote can be worn on the hand or clipped onto clothing and feedback the emotions of the wearer in a dynamically changing visual

The Spectate emotional sensing and response system

Exploration into forms for the eMote
Early prototypes for the tactile communication
and feedback technology
Prototype of the working model


presented at exhibitions & academic publications

Read more about the Spectate project, the emotional feedback system, the product development and research behind it here

An Industrial Design Engineering Masters project, Royal College of Art (2009)