Stir is a design for a tea strainer to re-instill the simple pleasure of perfectly brewed tea

STIR is a simple elegant tea strainer which satisfies our need for a fast brew without compromising the relaxing enjoyment of the traditional tea ritual. STIR is designed to be formed from a single piece of metal tube, moulded into its rounded shape through a novel milling and pressing process. The single-piece form of STIR removes complication from our already complex array of kitchen utensils, while the single action ‘Scoop and Stir’ eliminates the need for concentration on the most simple of tasks. STIR re-instils the simple pleasure of a perfectly brewed cup of tea in our rushed everyday lives.

Simple single piece manufacturing design
Quick and easy action to scoop the perfect
amount of tea leaves for one cup of tea
Simply stir in hot water to allow the tea to
infuse through the slots in the base

Concept sketch for one piece tea-strainer
made from a single piece of tube with the
strainer slots integrated as part of the
manufacturing process
Manufacturing process for the strainer
included a bespoke tool to cut the slots
needed to form the strainer and to bend
in to form the closed semi-circle end
Bespoke pressing tool to press the cut ends
into a closed semi-circle shape

Industrial Design Engineering Masters, Royal College of Art (2008)