Poesis is a poetry board game to collectively create expressive verse

Inspired by the collage poetry of the Dada movement and the collaborative creation process in Japanese Renga poetry, the objective of the game is to collectively create an aesthetically pleasing poem from an assortment of words.

Contents of Poesis board game
Poem created at end of Poesis game

The design of the structure and the design of the game were iterated throughout the development and testing of several prototypes in order to generate the most creatively inspiring experience. Computer-based games were developed as well as paper based prototypes. The interaction with a physical board was found to create a more engaging and creative experience, further evoked by a gothic-themed design for the physical board and other game contents.

Early computer based prototype where
players uploaded photos of found words
and rearranged them into poems
Early prototype of physical tile based poetry
game with scoring system
Evocative gothic-themed design for physical
board and other contents

A collaboration with Carlos David Gonzalez Uribe developed at the MIT Media Lab as part of the Design Across Scales course led by Neri Oxman and Meejin Yoon (May 2013)