Living Urban Skies is a concept for a new type of urban planning system and architecture that tackles both the unsustainable import of food into our cities and the lack of agriculture space within the city

A space-saving aeroponics based vertical farming system efficiently cultivates high yields of fresh produce the year round. Greywater from the local houses is used to feed the aeroponics system, and the organic waste from the harvested plants is used in a biomass burner to supply power back to the Living Urban Sky system and the city.

The cycle of food, water and power will provide a truly sustainable and independent local system, reducing the import of food into our cities and bringing an awareness of the cycle of food production back to the cities’ residents.

Schematic showing the movements of
resources in Living Urban Skies system
Schematic showing the interactions of
resources between the aeroponics pods,
supermarket, greywater distiller, biomass
burner and local homes of the district
Visualisation of the aeroponics pod growing

Industrial Design Engineering Masters, Royal College of Art (2008)