Birds of a Feather is an interactive audio-visual ornithological guide that reunites the colours and sounds of birds in nature with the taxonomies which describe them

The taxonomy of birds is a vast and rich collection of information. While traditional ornithological representations show the complexity of connections between the genus, these guides do not represent the rich, multi-sensorial physicality of birds: from their melodious song to the boundless palette of colors in their plumage. Inspired by this rich ornithological data, Birds of a Feather re-imagines the conventional Birds of Paradise family tree as a dynamic sound and color representation in an immersive audio-visual experience. Colors sampled from the plumage of the birds matched to auditory elements in their songs bring to life a representation system that is not only capable of creating a holistic understanding of how ornithological data is structured, but also an opportunity to explore hidden phenomena in the natural world.

Exhibited at the Links conference held at the MIT Media Lab (22nd-23rd July 2013)

A collaboration with Floor van de Velde, Kristine Bunker and Hunter Guarino, developed at the MIT Media Lab as part of the Design Across Scales course led by Neri Oxman and Meejin Yoon (June 2013)