How can we embrace serendipitous juxtapositions of concepts to inspire new perspectives, associations and ideas?

Creativity often comes from reframing ideas into new contexts, new scales and new functionalities; to look at your problem from a totally different perspective. Reframe is a tool to help you do just that. You upload the text that's been inspiring you recently--websites you've been perusing, papers you've been reading, the random notes that you've been writing--and the tool juxtaposes it in unexpected ways to help provoke new associations and inspire radically new ideas. These prompts will not always 'make sense'; but that's the point! Allow yourself be open to ambiguity, embrace associations that seem irrelevant, use your imagination to inspire new interpretations and connections, and let this tool help disrupt your thinking...

Here's how others have customised the prompts for their own projects: Designing the Police, Designing Micromaterials, Reconfiguring Usefulness (adapting Sam Hecht's Usefulness in Small Things) & Reconfiguring Truisms (adapting Jenny Holzer's Truisms)

METHODS: design research, user interface design, programing, academic writing

TECHNOLOGIES: Html, CSS, Javascript, Adobe creative suite

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Reframe creative prompt tool integrated into a more tangible, interactive ideation 'drafting' table

Published in The Design Journal as part of the proceedings of the 13th International Conference of the European Academy of Design: Running with Scissors, Dundee 2019 & 12th International Conference of the European Academy of Design: Design for Next, Rome 2017

A project developed at the MIT Media Lab by Philippa Mothersill (Copyright 2016)

Technical development assistance from Max Lever
Supported by the Council for the Arts at MIT