As a product designer with a technical engineering background, I am constantly considering the instinctive responses of people to everything in the world around them, and then developing these insights into naturally intuitive and responsive products for us to interact with daily.

Completing an Aeronautical Engineering Masters at Bristol University, and then Industrial Design Engineering Masters at the Royal College of Art in London, I have developed a technical ‘toolkit’ of engineering skills which I can apply to the human-centered applications inspired from my design research. While working as a product designer at Gillette in the UK, I used these skills to lead the upstream technology and design of a large new product initiative.

Now a research assistant in the Object-Based Media group at the MIT Media Lab, it is the combination of these two disciplines - design and engineering – that I am interested in, and the intuitive tactile interactions that can result from the seamless integration of engineering into the design of products and objects around us.

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